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  • I am on my way to the boat, but I am running late. Can you hold the boat for me?
    The short answer is no! Every cruise has a stated departure time. You can board the boat up to 30–45 minutes in advance of departure time. Every one of our cruises must leave at its scheduled departure time. We urge you to arrive early and to leave in plenty of time for traffic and parking. The Florida area can get very congested, and there is occasional construction traffic. If you miss the boat for any reason, there are no refunds or rescheduling, so please don't miss the boat.
  • Where do I park?
    In your booking email, you should receive a 1402 Lakeshore Blvd St. Cloud, FL 34769 address that will take you to the boat ramp restroom building. To the left of that building, there is parking available. If that parking lot is full, refer to the picture diagram below for more parking areas and options.
  • Where do we board?
    The Riverboat will be docked left of the boat ramp near the water which is behind the restrooms, follow the walkway and you will see it. Boarding starts 1 hour before cruise departure time.
  • Are you wheel chair and power chair accessible?
    Yes! We have a ramp that you can use to get in and out of the boat safely.
  • Will I be booked with other guests?
    Yes, unless you book a private charter.
  • Are cruises for all ages?
    Yes! Children of all ages are welcome aboard. Children 2 and under are free. They will not need to wear a life jacket while on board.
  • Can I bring drinks and snacks and a cooler on board?
    No! We have drinks, alcohol, and snacks for sale on board at the bar. Due to our liquor licence outside beverages are prohibited for liability reasons. Anyone bringing a cooler will have to take it back to thier vehicle before boarding.
  • Can I decorate the boat?
    Yes! But for private charters only. We can work with you to get the boat decorated for whatever occasion you'd like. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more!
  • Am I allowed to bring my pets/service animals?
    Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, we are not allowed to have animals on the vessel, even if they are certified service animals. We are sorry in advance for this inconvenience.
  • Cancellation, rebooking, and rain policy
    Cruises depart rain or shine. For most cruises, we can still depart safely in light rain, but if thunderstorms are near, we will likely attempt to wait a few minutes for them to pass or cancel that day's cruise. However, we are in the tropics, so occasionally heavy rain or storms can appear without much or no warning, and in that case, we will do our best to contact you promptly using the contact information provided during your ticket purchase. We believe you can have a great time whether it rains or shines, so our trips still depart in light rain. The captain will only cancel the tour when there are prolonged conditions that make the trip unsafe. Please remember that an afternoon or evening thunder and lightning storm is absolutely normal every day of the summer in Florida. They usually pass within 30–60 minutes. We will monitor the weather closely to see if that day’s regular storm is passing or if we need to cancel. If the captain cancels the cruise, you will be given the option to rebook for another trip or receive a refund. The captain has the right to cancel the cruise at any time, even with no notice, to keep people safe. There is a 72-hour cancellation and rebooking policy. You may reschedule or rebook your cruise if you let us know 72 hours prior to the trip. If you call 2 hours prior to the trip and say it's raining here and we want to reschedule or cancel, you will not be allowed unless the captain cancels the trip. There are many times when it is raining at your house but not at the lake where the boat is. Safety comes first with us, and we will never put you in harm's way. The captain doesn't want to go out on stormy days either, so no worries. Don't always trust the weather apps! Feel free to call us and ask about our weather forecast. Florida has a sub-tropical climate; if tour companies cancelled every time it rained, there would be no tour companies left in business. Please consider this when booking, and consider similar tourism businesses like theme parks, airlines, etc. They sometimes have to wait for weather, but like everywhere, weather is beyond the control of the company, and refunds are not given due to weather unless the captain cancels the trip. We do our best to run our cruises as promised, but there are times when we have to delay them. Here is what to expect if there is inclement weather when you arrive for your tour: We will wait 15 minutes past a lightning strike within 10 miles. Cruises may be delayed past their initial start time. Please be prepared to wait. Many people have driven a long way or have flights home, so we will wait for the weather to clear and start the cruise when it is safe to do so.
  • How many people can the boat take?
    Pearl, Queen of the Lake She can take a maximum of 125 passengers for private charters; we cut it off at 80, for public cruises. Salty Wench She can take a maximum of 30 passengers for our private charters; we cut it off at 20, but for public cruises.
  • Do you play music?
    Yes! We have a playlist that plays in the background during our public boat rides. The music plays at a moderate volume. We do not do song request unfortunetly. During private charters only, you can hook up your phone to play your own music.
  • Where does the boat go during the trip?
    The boat takes you around East Lake Toho. Our course changes depending on what charter we are doing and how the wind and waves are behaving on the lake.
  • Is smoking, vaping, or ecigs allowed?
    No! Any smoking of any kind even vapes and ecigs are NOT allowed on the boat.
  • Is there a restroom on board?
    Yes! Pearl of the Lake 2 Full size restrooms that are handicap accessible. One for men and one for woman. Salty Wench 1 Unisex boat bathroom.
  • Do you offer any discounts or coupons?
    We currently do not offer any discounts or coupons of any kind. We are a small family owned business we consider that our price is a discount to everyone.
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