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Summer Reading Goals

Whether you are tackling your to be read pile or helping your child conquer their summer reading goals, there are some interesting places to find books that you may not know about in St. Cloud.

St. Cloud Main Street has a summer reading program called Storybook Adventures that happens almost every week throughout summer. Children can wander through downtown reading the pages of a book in shop windows. At the last page, kids can meet the author. If you are one of the first 20 kids at the meet the author location you will receive a free, signed copy of the book.

Beyond their book program, St. Cloud Main Street has several books written by executive director, Paula Stark from her chilren's book series. They also have a book on St. Cloud history!

This bookstore not only has a variety of books but it also contains a secret. Tucked at the back of Cloud Nine Marketplace you can find shelves of books waiting to take you on your next adventure. Some of them may even lead you into a speakeasy right in downtown St. Cloud.

Throughout St. Cloud you may have seen little book boxes with brightly colored murals on them. These are part of the Fire PALS book program to help distribute fire prevention and life safety books to the community. They also function as a community library. If you have books to donate, you can drop them off in the Fire PALS boxes. If you are in need of a book, you can take a book.

We know that the library has books but we wanted to make sure you knew that St. Cloud not only has a library but we have a library with a robust community program. Stop in to the library to pick up their schedule of events and see what new adventures you can dive into.

If you are in need of a children's book and sweet treat look no further than Savvy Sweets. This bakery has a small selection of children's books lined up right next to the case of cookies and breads ready for you to take home.

Tucked in the midst of gorgeous home decor is a shelf filled to the brim with children's books. Some of them are heartfelt and warm while others introduce significant figures to little readers. EastRow has a variety of books and stuffies to make story time complete this summer.

The Pearl

   While we may not have a ton of books, we do have a few! When you are aboard The Pearl you have access to the images across America book on St. Cloud. A book filled with vintage photos from the early day of St. Cloud. We also have a book on Florida from Experience Kissimmee that highlights the different things that make Central Florida unique. Lastly, we have a book (more like a binder) that has information on the birds and other wildlife you might see while you are cruising along East Lake Toho.

Where else do you go in St. Cloud to find books?

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